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Unlocking the Secrets of the PoE Exalted Shard Recipe

Path of Exile (PoE) is an action-packed, immersive game that has hooked millions of gamers worldwide. One of the game’s most exciting features is crafting, where players create powerful items. 

Among the crafting materials, Exalted Shards are the hidden gems. In this guide, we will uncover the secrets of the PoE Exalted Shard recipe to help you master this valuable resource.

In the vast world of PoE, Exalted Shards are your keys to power. These shards can transform ordinary items into game-changers, making them highly sought after by players.

What Are Exalted Shards?

Exalted Shards are a form of currency in Path of Exile. They are used to enhance rare items by adding new random abilities. Think of them as magic fragments that can make your gear more formidable.

How to Get Exalted Shards

Drops from MonstersExalted Shards can be found as rare drops from defeated monsters. Boosting your item quantity and rarity stats increases your chances of finding them.
Divination CardsCertain Divination Cards can be exchanged for Exalted Shards. Collecting these cards over time provides a reliable way to gather shards.
Vendor RecipesVendor recipes allow you to trade specific combinations of items for Exalted Shards. Exploring these recipes can be rewarding.
Harvest CraftingIn the Harvest league, you can farm Exalted Shards by managing the Sacred Groves. It’s a unique and rewarding method to obtain them.

Crafting with Exalted Shards

To create an Exalted Shard, gather a full stack of Exalted Orbs. You can then convert these orbs into Exalted Shards using vendor recipes.

Trading and Strategies

Crafting High-Value Items:

  • Use Exalted Shards to upgrade your rare items. Apply them to gear with open slots to potentially gain powerful modifiers.

Trading for Profit:

  • Exalted Shards are valuable in trading. Seasoned players use them to acquire needed items or make profitable trades. Keep an eye on the market trends.

Efficient Shard Farming Tips


  • Running high-tier maps with increased item rarity and quantity can yield more Exalted Shards. Be prepared for challenging encounters.


  • Exploring the Azurite Mine can also lead to Exalted Shards. Delve encounters often drop valuable items and currency.

Blight Encounters:

  • Participating in Blight encounters can yield Exalted Shards and other valuable loot. Plan your defense strategy wisely.

Things to Keep in Mind

Item RarityExalted Shards are most effective when used on rare items. The rarer the base item, the more valuable the resulting item. Look for high rarity items to enhance.
Item Level (ILVL)Pay attention to the item level (ILVL) when crafting with Exalted Shards. ILVL determines which modifiers can be added to an item. Crafting on higher ILVL items can yield more powerful results.
Trading EtiquettePractice respect and fairness when trading Exalted Shards. Building a good reputation within the Path of Exile (PoE) community can lead to successful trades and positive interactions with other players.


In the world of PoE, Exalted Shards hold immense potential. Whether you’re enhancing gear or trading for profit, mastering Exalted Shards is essential for any player. With dedication and a bit of luck, you can amass a fortune and become a formidable force in Wraeclast.

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